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I'm looking forward to share the topic accessibility for applications and web sites and assist you to make your applications and web sites better accessible.

Why accessibility and what does it do for me?
If you belong to the happy 75% of the over eighteen-year-olds (source: VDK social association Germany), which have no restrictions, at first glance, nothing.

But what does this number actually mean, for example, if you're running a webshop that is not accessible?
It means you got about 25% less customer than a webshop which is accessible.
Conversely this means you'll get about 33% more customers if you make your webshop accessible!

That's a third more customers overall !!!

Test and experience digital accessibility by yourself!

This number is of course overdrawn, because not all kinds of disabilities hinder a person from shopping in a non-accessible web shop. The tendency in the number of people with disabilities, however, is increasing.

Accessibility is also a concern for people without disabilities, because at some point they may be themselves rely on easily accessible buildings, easy language or computer communication. Because the fact is that only four percent of all disabilities are innate. In most cases causes an illness or accidents the disability.

It can meet everyone, including you!

Internet accessibility is necessary for 30% of all people and essential for 10%!
(Source (german): Aktion Mensch: Accessible Websites)

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What means digital accessibility for your business? I'll support you, to find potential improvements.


You're planning a new Website? I'll support your conception regarding Usability and Accessibility.

Accessibility check

Your Website is affected of the new EU-Directive 2018/1808 of 19.12.2018 ? I'll check your Website regarding the requirements of BITV / WCAG and build an action plan to prepare for a review.

You can easily send me a request to info@reiter-consulting.de.


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